A Kudala Sangama in Kodialbail grama… Strange But True…

A Kudala Sangama in Kodialbail grama… Strange But True…

A canal from kadrikambala road, another from Bejai new road yet another from Bunts hostel side flows towards earlier ward no 3 kodialbail Grama near Kadri temple road joins with special canal flows  from the drainage of Municipality, Mangalore.  It’s Strange but true, no vehicles want to apply break here, auto walas and school buses refuse to come, guests who come to the surrounding houses never stay long, because of bad smell of the drainage water getting into the main canal. It is not new, but going on for almost six to eight years. Drainage water flows into streams and pollute the clean water. The drainage water is gushing out of the broken sumps. This water contains wastes  from hospitals, houses and factories.

One of the residents of the place who also works in the municipality doesn’t want to reveal his name expressed his discomfort.” The leakage of drainage water is not accidental but conscious act of the municipality.” The statement reveals that it is intentional, that’s why it is there for more than six years: clean water stream has become municipality drainage.

This is harmful to the habitat of people and nature. People in this area often get mosquito bite diseases like Malaria etc. Last month many were affected by malaria here. Since drinking water pipes also pass under the drainage water, people prone to get water spread diseases like Cholera. The place is surrounded by number of houses, apartments, women hostel, hospital even doctors live in this area. Mr. Danajaya kumar’s   house also is located in the place.

A Few residents of the place once brought this issue to the notice of municipality officials and even to the cooperator of the Mr. K. Padbanabha tailor but no action is taken. Another resident who doesn’t want to reveal the name said; “ municipality is not interested in taking action because it serves their purpose, Pay taxes and get  foul smell for free along with the sicknesses.”

This sangama of the drainage of the municipality raises so many envoi mental concerns. It affects the health of the people, hazardous to nature, causes damage to the clean drinking water. Therefore it is right time for the Mangalore Municipality to get into action before situation goes out of the hand. Clean the drainage blocks, stop drainage water contaminating clean water, construct the drainage canals as early as possible.



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Let the future generation get a chance to see a tiger alive!

 Let the future generation get a chance to see a tiger alive!

Panna national park is a national park located in panna and Chhatarpur districts of Madhya Pradesh in India. In the year 1994 it was declared as the 22 nd tiger reserve of India and fifth in Madyapradesh.The Park also got award as the best maintained park in 2007 by Tourism Ministry of India. But in the year 2009 entire population of tigers totally eliminated from this great park!

There are other animals found are chita, chinkaa,sambhar sloth bear etc. Sariska a documentary film made on tigers by BBC failed to give the clear picture of the tiger reserve. The decline of tiger population was brought to notice of the officials several times but no action is taken. In June 2009 it was officially announced that the reserve had 40 tigers six years ago. The statistics show the depletion of tigers within six months (November 1 2008 to May 12 2009) went up to 27.  And saddest part of the story is, in 2012, three years later the entire tiger population disappeared from the reserve. The case was given to CBI but till today no investigation happened.

When  the situation of tigers in reserve was worst in 2009 ,Joanna Van Gruisen the wild life photographer wrote the article with the title “ trouble in tiger land “ highlighting  some important facts: “The forest departments have given so much power to protect the animals, but saddest part is that forest department itself is involved in scams.  There is no accountability and transparency; we can’t blame the particular individuals alone. The specific investigation about the deaths tigers has gone under the carpet because the influential people are involved in these scams. Stemming forest degradation and saving species is too huge a task for a government agency alone. We require some bureaucrats, professionals, dedicated workers to be at service of wild life. India has enormous wealth, enthusiasm ideas etc…to save the tigers and control the most complex situation of environment.”

There is no political commitment on the part of our elected members for the parliament. They don’t have time to think about human beings, where they get time to think about the speechless creatures in the forest? The ecological balance is very important for the harmonious coexistence of human beings. Extinction of each species would affect the environment, noticed or unnoticed. Tiger is our most revered animal next to the national animal Lion. There are six tiger reserve only in Madhypradesh, but are there tigers at all, in reality?  The official number of tigers from the forest department  most of time statistically manipulated to save their job or to get promotion. Therefore we require proper plan to protect the tigers. To achieve the objectives, an open dialogue and debate is essential along with transparency and accountability in the work. Let the whole nation awake and act immediately to protect the tigers before they get into the records of extinguishing species. Protect the tigers now, let the future generation get a chance to see a tiger alive!


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Humanity is at stake today. If you just look around the city, there are so many people who need our help and concern. But how many of us are bothered about them?  Everyone is busy in their own world. It looks that we have forgotten own humanity. When we go to the office, school or market etc. we come across the sick, beggars, mentally ill, people. Who has time to think about them? Most of times we try to avoid them.

Here is man, his heart moves for the poor, needy, sick, mentally retarded and the drown trodden in the society. Whenever he finds such people on his way, he stops for while and immediately gets into the action. Most of the people call him Photographer Rajanna who hails from Doodaballpur taluk, Voddankere village Bangalore. He has rescued number of people who were on road.  Not only human beings but wounded animals like dogs, cows, monkeys, birds etc.

In 2008 Rajanna saw a mentally sick person roaming naked, near Gorguntepallya, Nandini lay out Bangalore.  “When I saw him, he was in the open drainage canal near RMC yard and drinking dirty water just like animals, and oh my God, people gathered were throwing stones at him. He is a human being just like you and me right. I could not tolerate this, at once I shouted at the people. I told my son to bring some cloths from home and I got inside the canal to catch him. I felt very sad, that nobody helped me. Finally I caught him and admitted him to NIMHANS hospital.”

Rajanna united the person with his family in Andrapradesh, who were searching him desperately .This was recognized by the government and he was awarded by the governor of Karnataka.

Where do we get time to do all these social works? It is meant for those people who are retired and taken VRS!! But it is not case with Rajanna, who hails from very poor family, toils day and night to meet his ends as the amateur photographer. He forgets his pains in the pains of the others.

He was in news once again in this year, just a few months, back when he came across an abandoned mad lady near Jalahalli Police station area. One police officer Mr. Chandru from Vidana souda Police informed about this loaner. Rajanna went in search of her and offered some biscuits and water. He took almost three days to rescue her and admit her to NIMHANS Hospital. He always follows legal procedures whenever he comes across such people; therefore most of the officials know him.

He never boasts about his achievements.  As regards this lady he said:  “Her name is Gayathri hailing from HMT colony Bangalore. I admitted her to NIMHANS hospital where she was treated by the team of doctors for 3 months. I got her address and traced her family members. It took me almost a month to find out her family members.”

His heart never finds rest unless he unites such people to their kit and kin. Here a surprise was waiting for him as he came across Hanumanthappa and Sannamma, the parents of Gayathri who were also homeless. Hanumanthappa was working in HMT factory, lost Job and was abandoned by the family because of his drinks and sannamma was living under a staircase of the building, washing some vessels of the canteen. The couple had three children who are married except Gayathri. She took the burden of the family upon herself, rented a house, worked day and night to meet the both ends. One fine day they were thrown out by the owner   for not paying rent. This affected Gayathri mentally, and she went mad. “My great desire was to rejoin Gayathri back to her family, but unfortunately her family itself was homeless. It pained me a lot. I contacted Mr.Gopal the secretary of Shanthinikethan women Rehabilitation center Anekal and requested to accept both of them in the center. He willingly accepted them in the center. I am very happy today that at least I succeeded in uniting daughter and mother in the rehabilitation center”, Says Rajanna.

On the other side when we called Gayathri, she said “I am   very happy here with my mother. It is Rajanna   who brought joy to my life, I was lost but now I am Happy.”

Whatever may be this is just a home away from home, Gayathri knows it very well. She wants to go back to her native place and live with her family. When we spoke with helpers in the rehabilitation center said, “She is waiting to go back to her house where she lived for years. Every day she asks us to take her to the place”. Will she ever get a chance to go back to her home is the different question.

On the other hand, there are smiles on the face of Rajanna and a few drops of tears too rolled out from his eyes saying,   ‘my heart melts, when I see those people who are abandoned by the society. It is the duty of every human person to help the other. People think that I get funds to do this work. It hurts me. If human  beings themselves can’t help, fellow humans then, who else can help them? ‘

That’s why someone rightly said, “man has learnt to fly like a bird, swim like a fish, but failed to live like a  human being.”  This world has no meaning, if human beings cease to exist. Therefore let us not forget our humanity.





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Preserve the Nature and Nature preserves you.

Preserve the Nature and Nature preserves you.

Maithreya has serious concerns about massive plantation of fast growing monatomic species and upcoming projects planned in konehalli Amrithmahal Grassland/Kaval area by LR&IC (A), particularly as such development is proceeding in the absence of reliable data on the environmental implications.

Maithreya is a small community of Tiptur, Tumkur dist, dedicated to nature protection and spread the environment awareness. Its members are from diverse culture and background with the concern for all pervading destruction’s happening in the environment.

A study is conducted under the leadership Matithreya with the help of the principle investigators and volunteers across the state at Konehalli. A preliminary and rapid biodiversity assessment was conducted from June 27th to June 30th 2009, to gather information about the present diversity of flora and fauna of the area.

The study results consisting of around 76 species of birds, 278 species of flora (out of which 30% are introduced) and 48 species of butterflies confirms the healthy semi-arid Grassland habitat.

Regarding the Blackbucks inhabit the sector-1 and sector-11 and surrounding area and sighting are very common in south of sector-1 (Mudalakavalu). The usual heard size found wear 5no,10no,28no, and two heard with the size more than 60noz with  male and few younger and fawns.

Blackbuck is an antelope species of Indian subcontinent has been classified as endangered species by IUCN since 2003.The Blackbuck is the only living species of genus Antelope. Its population is confined to areas like Maharashtra, Orissa, Punjab, Rajastan,Haryana, Gujarat Andrapradesh Tamilnadu and Karnataka. In Karnataka Bayamangala formerly known as Maidenahalli is the notified protected area of Blackbuck conservation. Even Ranebennur Blackbuck sanctuary was declared sanctuary to protect Black bucks.

The study reveals the following concerns:

Before human disturbance and the wide spread introduction of non native Species, native grasses commonly grew on the LR&IC(A), Konehalli farm  , earlier known as Bidarammanagudi kavalu with the unique eco-system , unfortunately non native species test the 60% of LR&IC(A).  Konehalli farm and their natural distribution has affected the ecosystem by losing biodiversity, species extinction and ecosystem services.

The Konehalli farm is interspersed with thorn forest. Over-utilization and misuse of these common grazing lands has led to their degradation. In the past grass covered areas were considered to be the common property of a village community. However due to ever increasing population this grassland is being converted into agricultural lands through the development of dams and canals. Ecologists estimate that more that 43% of the Indian subcontinent is in the process of changing from grassland to desert.

The human activity like sand and stone mining, wood logging, and illicit grazing by surrounding villagers is going on continuously.

Since Blackbuck usually move around in sector -1, now the land also used for the purposes like Construction of Piggery shed at sector-1 may cause danger to Blackbuck life usually move around in sector -1 in future due to high probability of infection by pigs of the research station.

The practice like massive Silviculture – “conversion to uniform” systems in sector -I and sector – II is shrinking vital space of the blackbuck, native grass and plants species further.

Illicit grazing activity by surrounding villagers in the LRIC campus (mainly in sector-I and sector-II) has lead most of the semi-arid grassland to semi arid shrubs land, the chance to recover as the grassland will be minimized and native grass may go extinct in this area. More ever the probable chance of infection by domestic animals while grazing in the campus to the blackbucks is high.

Unauthorized hectic human activities like stone mining at sector-III, especially in the prime habitat removal of stones and water from watersheds at sector –I, sand mining at three important water basins (which used to be only water resource to the wildlife including blackbuck and wildbores), were found incessantly. This will put an immense pressure on wildlife and they may be pushed outside the campus which certainly would lead to their extinct due to encounter with humans and stray dogs. Poaching and wildfire   fire by shepherds are the greatest threat to the wildlife in this grassland. Wildfire in the last summer has burnt 90% of sector-II and 30% of sector-I.

The Heigh bex Fence unnecessarily built at corridor Konehalli Amrithmahl Grassland is the greatest threat to blackbuck and wild life. When we contacted Mr. Manohar one of the members of the NGO shared the following recommendations:

The steps must take immediately to remove the high tension fencing to preserve wild life especially blackbucks and its young ones in the area. Distribution of grazing lands, forest and other wastelands to landless should be stopped. There should be active cooperation and coordination among the Department of Animal Husbandry, forest, agriculture and horticulture while implementing schemes like Social forest, Sylvipasture system and development of grassland and grass reserves.

Development of Common pool resources like community pasture or Gomal Lands or waste and problem soils should be taken up with active participation of the villagers. As result, human and livestock pressure on kavals can be reduced drastically. Controlled removal of thorns and shrubs from the Kaval may be granted to the farmers with licenses on payment basis.

Introduce the rotational grazing to maintain patches of habitat and promote the concept of fewer but better quality livestock at Kavals.  Educate surrounding villagers not to use pesticides and other Agro-chemicals so that Kavals are kept safe from pesticides.

Improve enforcement of hunting legislation, by developing an anti-poaching task-force, regular patrolling of kavals in order to check White-stone & Sand mining and logging.

Re-demarcate the boundaries of Kavals to produce different zones to support Livestock research activity, develop areas to support native cattle and rest of semi-arid grassland constituents (Vegetation, Mammals, Birds, Insects, etc) and take proper and at most care to avoid any infection or harmful chemical passing out through the site of Piggery, which would endanger the wildlife.

The presence of over 200 Blackbucks on and surrounding site of LRIC is a strong indicator that this Grassland is more than important to this species. A comprehensive study of the significance of native grass species and its vital role as a fodder to the Amritmahal cattle has to be made.

It’s a call for envoirmentalist to join hands with the NGO, works towards the preservation of wild life. It is very simple write a letter to The Head- Associate Professor, Or Vice- Chancellor, LRIC (A), Konehalli, Tiptur Taluk, Tumkur, Karnataka. Or you can mail vckvafsu@yahoo.co.in or lrick@gmail.com

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Attack on Humanity …. Why great silence…

It is the case of every issue, soon will be the  fate of  the attack on the  Birthday Party at Morning Mist, Mangalore.In the beginning there will be a great uproar, protest,  later it slowly dies out. Today,  public memory is very short.People tend to forget the incident.My fear is that if we don’t follow up this case till the end, soon there will be a third attack in Mangalore. what are latest updates of the case?

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vow I finally s…

vow I finally succeeded blogging……..

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